Current Apps

12/01/2014:RC Balancer has been updated in the App Store

9/24/2014: Motion Sensor Theremin (free) v3.3 has been released for iPhone/iPad. Adds support for iOS 8, new iPhone devices, and in app purchases (camera input, graphs, and autotune scales).

9/18/2014: RC Tools Balancer is in review for iOS

9/19/2014: RC Tools Video is in development for iOS

8/12/2014: Radius Photo Scanner – Throwback has been released for the app store.

8/10/2014: Bulk Metadata Editor is in development for OSX 10.10

7/13/2014: Purple Dots has been released for iPhone/iPad. This is an adjustable version of a popular optical illusion GIF on the internet. The user can adjust the color of the dots, the number of the dots, and the speed of the illusion.

4/3/2014: Motion Sensor Theremin (free) v2.0 has been released for iPhone/iPad. This brings suggestion from users and an options screen redesign along with some graphics on the touchscreen.

1/4/2014: Wallpapers by Webshots for iPad has been released.

6/13/2013: Smile by Webshots for iPhone has been updated.

1/17/2013: Motion Sensor Theremin (free) v1.2.2 has been released for iPhone/iPad. I am curious how people like the settings screens, so feedback is welcome.

1/11/2013: ColorBlind v1.0.0 for iPhone/iPad has been released.

6/28/2013: Yet another (Conway’s) game of life app was released.


If you would like to team up on a project, I am looking for the following:

  • If you have an interesting app idea or bluetooth device idea, let’s pursue it.
  • C, C++, and Objective-C code contributions in image processing, audio processing, android parallels, or whatever your contribution may be.
  • Audio recording, mixing.
  • UI media (button images, backgrounds, etc…)

Drop us a line for more details.

If you would like to become help test apps in developement, please contact me. Include your name, your iOS device type and its 40 digit UDID. To obtain the 40 digit UDID, connect your device to iTunes, navigate to the “Summary” tab and then click on “Serial Number”. It will toggle to the 40 digit UDID.

VaporWareWolf Software is a software and media hobby entity located in San Francisco, CA. VaporWareWolf is currently focused on mobile applications and bluetooth hardware, but are open to other ideas as well. Contact VaporWareWolf at